Trade Paint

Trade paint is manufactured for trade professionals. It has many advantages over retail paint.

Retail paint from DIY suppliers will often require more than two coats of paint to finish the job. Trade paint has superior opacity, which means less paint covers more of the painted surface and most jobs require just two coats. Trade paint is also more durable, so the true colour lasts longer.

I prefer to supply trade paint for all jobs. As a tradesman, I buy trade paint at a discount and I pass the lower price directly to you in a fixed price quote for the work. I will also collect and transport the paint. All you need to do is choose your paint range and colours. Alternatively, I will be happy to use any materials you wish to provide for the job.

For commercial work, I can provide a wide variety of specialist trade paints, including Microbarr Anti Bacterial Acrylic for hospitals (which inhibits MRSA and E. coli growth), fire retardant and anti-graffiti paints.

You can browse the various paint ranges I can supply by following the links below to the manufacturers’ websites.